Delighted to share with you the work done for Tu Doula a tu lado. 

During the last months I have been helping Elisenda Gimeno to find the best dress for her business. Working on the conceptualization, design and formalization of the visual identity of your brand: Tu Doula a tu lado. A very personal brand with which Elisenda wanted to convey confidence, closeness, warmth, tranquility and sorority.

With a color palette based on nature, the identity of Tu doula a tu lado makes us feel in touch with the Earth, with our most instinctive and most human part. A natural approach to a process as human and natural as pregnancy and everything that surrounds this vital moment for women.

A brand that embraces and accompanies, from experience, affection and femininity. It has been an immense pleasure working on this project with Elisenda, thank you for the confidence.

More about this beautiful project in her website:

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