Hello! I’m Hellen Cárdenas, a freelance visual designer in love with writing, photography, gamification & brownies.

Wondering why the H letter? In my case H stand for : Hello! Hi! Hey! Humble, humanity, humility, handy,harmony, humour, hype, hug, hope, heart, home, hard work,honest,honor, heritage, heaven, hooray, halleluyah 
& how you doing? 
Concepts that totally suit me and define who I am and what I do. Love it also because is the first letter of my name (Hellen), and we all need a first step to start walking, right? At this very special moment of my life, a moment where against all the odds I decided to leave the security net I had and start walking alone on the freelance side of designing. That H makes me feel secure and confident to continue on this exciting path.

There's also a very personal thing that ties that H to my heart: Dad always calls me Hellen. Enough & best reason to be proud of.

Thank you to those who believe in me, who appreciate my work and dedication, and who give me the chance to be a better professional and a better human being.
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