Hello! My name is Hellen Cárdenas. I'm a freelance senior graphic designer & art director based in Barcelona. I'm deeply in love with writing, photography, gamification, and brownies.
Welcome to my website!

Why do I choose the letter H to represent myself?
 Obviously, it is the first letter of my name but it also means so much more to me. It perfectly defines who I am. It represents my personality, which is always reflected in my work.
Hello! Hey! Humble, Humanity, Humility, Practical, Harmony, Humor, Hype, Hug, Hope, Heart, Home, Hard Work, Honesty, Honor, Heritage, Heaven, Hooray, and even a How's it going? 
These are words and phrases that begin with the letter H. Concepts that defines me perfectly.
Another reason I have to adopt this letter as part of my image is because it is the first letter of my name (Hellen), and we all need a first step to start walking, right?
In this very special moment of my life, a moment when, against all odds, I decided to leave the safety net I had and start walking alone on the independent side of design, this letter makes me feel safe and confident to continue in this exciting path. There is also a very personal detail that ties that H to my heart: Dad always calls me Hellen. Enough and the best reason to be proud.
Now that I have explained a bit about who I am, I would like to share what I do.

My love and passion for the world of visual communication were forged more than 10 years ago. Since then I have been actively and intensively training at different design schools such as BAU Center Superior de Disseny (Barcelona), IDEP (Barcelona), and UAL Central Saint Martins (London).
Although I am a versatile design professional, in recent years I have specialized in visual design for brand development, creating visuals for the video game industry and Esports, and also creating visuals for Social Media.
I love challenges, so getting out of my comfort zone and exploring new areas of design is always a pleasure for me. My versatility and learning ability make me feel comfortable working in both digital and print formats.
When collaborating with new teams or clients, I actively work to create the right atmosphere for communication and workflow in order for things to go smoothly. Offering visibility throughout all the stages of the process, so the people involved know what to expect at all times. 
What makes me different from other professionals? 

What do I contribute to the projects I work on? Truth is, I’m not a design rock star, nor do I pretend to be. But this doesn’t mean I’m lacking in concerns and dreams. I’m very curious, passionate about visual communication, and in love with my profession. I contribute with professionalism, responsibility, commitment, honesty, humanity, creativity, sensitivity, and empathy.
For more information, inquiries, and collaborations, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to connect!
Thank you for your time and your interest in my work.

Have a lovely day!

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