" I worked with Hellen in multiple projects with Riot Games. She is a force of nature, creative, positive, professional and delivers high quality work, always with the client perspective in mind. Even with the most difficult challenges she has delivered and she is continuously looking for ways to make her work better and more impactful.

I only have good words to say about her and about her work. If you are looking for someone creative to deliver the best search no more, Hellen is the right person for the job."
"After working with Hellen from both the supervisor and the client-side, I can state that she's a solid professional you can rely on for the all-things design. Hellen's creativity is second-to-none, which along with her empathy allows her to grasp exactly what the client wants with little explanation (or even unconventional requests) and bring their ideas to the next level. When it comes to the execution part, Hellen is one of the most organized, hard-working people I know, going beyond expected even under pressure. This is highly appreciated when it comes to complex projects with tight deadlines where a lot of pieces are involved at the same time. She does strike the perfect balance between planning and flexibility and is always happy to actively listen to feedback and make any changes you require with a smile on her face. Finally, the transparency, constant clear communication, and frequent check-ins Hellen did with the team during every step of the process were key to ensuring objectives were met and on track the whole time. She's so responsive, you can always count on her. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Hellen, she created a fun and enjoyable experience out of processes that can otherwise be tedious, and will for sure consider her again for the next project - can't recommend her enough!"

Alejandra García Paccini · Business Management & Marketing Leadership · MBA - Barcelona 

"There are few times in life in which you will find someone as empathetic, talented, and creative as Hellen, she had the incredible ability to land all of my crazy requests into one impressive, colorful, and clean design, which gave my product a new and fresh look. All of this with humor, professionalism, and great communication, I would always recommend Hellen in a heartbeat!"

Romy Padilla Gómez · Senior UX Researcher - Berlín
"Working with Hellen was a delight. We exposed to her what we were looking for, she asked several questions to understand our culture, our work, and our beliefs, basically to be able to create for us something that would resonate 100% with who we are. She always had in mind our timings, for both meetings and deliveries. She was very open to feedback, and she would explain perfectly why something would work better than other things. She understands perfectly what she does and how it can impact the life of a company. She has an incredible vision when it comes to sending a message just with shapes or colors, and always thinking of who the target audience is. We couldn't be happier."

Marta R. Hevia · Co-Founder and Director of production V1 Studios - Berlín
"Contar con Hellen es abrirse a la creatividad y espontaneidad constantes. Hellen crece con cada elemento o idea que le das y hace de ella una realidad mas allá de tus expectativas. Su amplio conocimiento además ayuda a evitar posibles problemas, y hace del camino creativo un agradable paseo."
"He tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con Hellen durante mi paso por Wow! Comunicació donde he podido conocer sus cualidades tanto profesionales como personales destacando por tener una gran capacidad de organización y una gestión excelente con los clientes. Empática y dinámica por naturaleza, es muy fácil trabajar con ella gracias a su gran capacidad de adaptabilidad en cualquier tipo de trabajo relacionado con la creatividad. Sin duda volvería a colaborar con ella a nivel profesional y a nivel personal la considero parte de mis amistades."
"Hellen is highly competent, professional in the development of all kind of projects, really motivated, always eager to learn and enjoy with the teamwork. Great companion. I definitely recommend her :)"
"Full of motivation, creativity, and kindness! I had the pleasure of working with Hellen as she was our contact from the advertising agency. She coordinated several of our advertising projects and brought her experience in copywriting and design. I was impressed by Hellen’s ability to hear and understand our needs as a customer, as well as her efficiency in managing all the projects. Any team would be lucky to have Hellen as a member! "
"Hellen has a huge range of qualities that goes from detailed project planning to great design skills. During the professional time that I shared with her, she has been always delivering high standard works, taking into account all the small details that can help make the difference."

Hèctor Grau · Brand Manager at Andorra Telecom - Andorra
"Que decir de esta gran profesional, no solo es excelente en lo que hace si no que es una gran persona. Todo lo que Hellen representa se ve reflejado en su trabajo y en cada pieza de arte que ella construye con dedicación, esfuerzo y pasión. Creo que cualquier empresa que la tenga en su mano, tendrá grandes beneficios a corto y largo plazo. Su creatividad y su forma de ver el mundo hace que cada materia que diseña sea innovador y atractivo a la vista de todo usuario."
"He tenido la suerte de trabajar con Elena en varios proyectos como freelance en muy poco tiempo y puedo decir sin lugar a dudas que no conozco mucha gente con su nivel de compromiso y entrega por los proyectos. "Fast learner", muy organizada, implicada, capaz de todo y sin reloj. Una buena opción para cualquier equipo, tanto a la hora de trabajar como a la hora de crear buen ambiente. Elena rocks."
"Hellen Cárdenas es una excelente y acertada diseñadora gráfica. Entiende muy bien los requerimientos de un proyecto y sabe transformarlos en diseños creativos y atractivos. He trabajado en varios proyectos con ella y es una persona responsable y con conocimiento de lo que hace. Es rápida, asertiva y muy cuidadosa de los detalles."
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