Vrandify is a legal services's company especialized in the management and protection of intellectual property rights.
When I received the assignment to create Vrandify's visual identity, the challenge was met. To date I had not had the opportunity to work for any legal firm. It is a very rigorous sector that requires a considerable level of formality. The people in charge of Vrandify, Alejandra and Roberto, were very generous and made the work process an exercise in development, communication and growth.
In their briefing, apart from highlighting the formal issues specific to their sector, they wanted to highlight dynamism, vitality and agility, concepts very consistent with the current pace of life.
The identity created tries to convey the professionalism and formality of the company, with a style full of intensity and dynamism. The chromatic combination is the main protagonist of this brand, creating a harmony that helps transmit the adaptable and formal character of the company.
It has been a pleasure to be able to participate in the creation of Vrandify, and a privilege to be able to work with Alejandra and Roberto in the creation of their visual identity. Very satisfied and proud to have had the opportunity to create the perfect outfit for her brand.

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