Drapelles Branding & Naming project
Drapelles is a new brand focused on family products. Based on concepts like respect, equality, parenthood, handmade, play and happiness, but with a "punk" touch honoring part of its heritage from Berlin. The first step for Drapelles products is a lovely a collection of handmade dolls. Mom dolls that besides being cute toys can also be used to teach children while playing how moms have babies, how they feed them and what labor really is. Always from a very respecful, natural and joyful point of view.

The name: Kathe, the soul of Drapelles is a Valencian woman living between Berlin & Valencia.
Catalan is part of her personality, and becomes also the guide for the brand name. In catalan there's a cute word commonly used for "little rascals" which is "trapelles". On the other hand all the products are usually created with pieces of fabric, a sort of a rag. 
The catalan word for it is "Drap". Drapelles is the result of mixing and playing around with catalan words drap + trapelles. 
Final touch is the use of neutral vowel /ə/, a very catalan sound that mixes the sounds of an /a/ and an /e/. A very particular identity sign from our culture that also reinforces the concept of being neutral and respectful. One of the pillars of Drapelles is creating products totally respectful & gender neutral. This is why the /ə/ sign becomes so relevant in the brand creation.

The brand: Considering the original briefing, the result is a happy, playful brand. That has a naïve and colorful soul while remaining strong, bold, readable and loveable.

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